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St Andrew's Church

About St Andrew's Church

This is a medium sized church, the oldest part of which (the chancel) dates from the 13th century. The aisles, clerestory and tower were added between 1422 and 1530. It stands in a rural setting, backing on to a cornfield, near a large pond, and facing some attractive brick cottages on the other side of the road.

The interior of the church is uncluttered, simple and light, with large windows containing no stained glass. There are a number of good memorials and brasses, and, in the north aisle, a rather strange stone effigy of a priest (or even a bishop?) which was re-cut as a woman, probably in the 19th century.

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Opening Hours

The church is open throughout the year during daylight hours, and visitors are always welcome.

St Andrew's Church: Opening Hours

Church Services

There is a regular service of Holy Communion at 9.00 am on the third Sunday of the month and, in alternate months, a service of morning prayer at 9.00 am on the fourth Sunday of the month (this service alternates with the neighbouring  parish of Thurning).

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Planned Improvements


It is planned to replace the current gas heaters with infra red radiant electric heaters, which will be less visually intrusive and provide more efficient heating.


We plan to install toilet facilities, and a small kitchenette. There will also be some proper storage facilities for equipment, chairs and other items currently stored beneath the tower, so that the area below the tower can be cleared and the west door re-opened for regular use.

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