The Little Match Girl
The Last Rescue
The Last Rescue
The Last Rescue
The Little Match Girl

Rebecca Plater

About Rebecca

Hello, my name is Rebecca Plater. 


I am a freelance illustrator living between Norfolk and the Orkney Islands. During childhood with the inspiration of the extraordinary natural world on Orkney, I immersed myself in imaginary play and many forms of art. I decided to turn my passion for art into a profession after studying a module in Children's Literature whilst completing a BA honours in English Language and Literature. In 2017 I began studying the MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge. 

It fascinates me to unearth and breathe life into inconspicuous narratives and subject matters through my illustrations. I use observational drawing, printmaking and digital media to build images and create environments which interplay between the real and the fantastical. My inspirations come from the natural world, indigenous cultures, history and travel.  

I have enjoyed making picturebooks on the MA and hope to continue to develop this professionally as an illustrator and author. 


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